Create good. Empower others. Change the world.
Create good. Empower others. Change the world.


Content is king. That’s what they say and it’s often quite true. Whether the content is web-based or printed, how you speak to your market is important. Keeping up-to-date content on your website helps search rankings. Providing relevant and timely information to your customers keeps them happy customers.  So, how do you create all this content and keep up with all of the other hats you wear? The answer is, you shouldn’t. This is one area where letting the experts handle it is a smart idea. Take a look at these myths and facts:

Myth or Fact?

Anyone can write my web content. 

Myth. Companies publish web content to drive visitors to their website. Content should be crafted so that search engines can determine what your site is about. You should never take the time or spend the money to create content that doesn’t add to your bottom line. Whether that bottom line is revenue or site traffic,  it’s important. Crearies’ utilizes the most current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices throughout published web content to target your market and increase your search rankings. This way your customers find you, not the competition.

Publishing articles or white papers is too expensive/difficult/unnecessary/etc.

Myth. Trade magazines often welcome helpful articles written by manufacturers or experts in the field. The biggest trick is knowing how to make your company shine, without breaking the rules of self-promotion. Does your company have the best widget on the market? Let that shine through in a case study of how your widget solved a problem the others couldn’t. Do you provide the best service in your industry? Let it shine through an article on the industry. Check out the many writing services I have available for all kinds of budgets. I can even ghost write if it serves your business best.