Create good. Empower others. Change the world.
Create good. Empower others. Change the world.

Colorado: a Picture Perfect Week

We had the opportunity to visit the areas of Ft. Collins and Denver, Colorado  as well as Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming last week. What an amazing trip!

We arrived on Monday, Feb. 9th to a balmy 70 degrees. This was incredible since when we left Chicago it was a very chilly 25. We had an entire week of temperate weather, which locals told us was not the norm. The coldest temperature we had were up at Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I believe it was like 32 that evening while we were out.

We spent an amazing week traveling around the Rockies. I’d never visited the Rockies before and this trip made me want to go back again and again. I was able to capture some amazing images which will be posted soon. I’ll be making some of them available for purchase to use in your own projects.

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